ecoFarm® is certified organic farm cultivating crops with biodiversity principals and natural permaculture setting of over 76+ hectares cultivated area and shipping over 130 varieties of seasonal specialty vegetables and fruits to public at large in Hong Kong.

ecoFarm® nestles high up on the remote mountains adjacent to the National Natural Reserve and Conservation Forest, situated on the Jiangxi Province side or the backside of Fujian Province WuYiShan mountain range; famous for its’ high elevation tea for thousands of years . It has pristine open lands in between the valleys and the hills. It has a diversity of wildlife, flora and fauna. It’s extremely clean air indicative by the starry nights that lit up the sky and the roads and the fields at night. The geographic orientation and altitude constitutes various micro-climates for crops. It has distinct four seasons with great precipitation.

ecoFarm® spreads across the uninhabited side of the inaccessible mountain range. The land has been in fallow for eons. The soil, the air and the water are fabulously clean and natural while the four seasons sceneries are mesmerizing. The farm is on such an incredible Shangri-La like setting with its mountain spring, running streams, sweet soil and fresh unpolluted crisp air. It is perfect for our herbal medicine cultivation, cropping research and as an education center for “Permaculture”, “Biodiversity” and “Mother Nature” ways of natural organic farming (mimicking the way nature keeps the vegetation thriving in the wild) to universities (such as Rutgers in New Jersey, colleges from Illinois), government agencies (Canada, Korea, Nigeria etc.) and commercial entities (Mitsubishi, Kagome etc.).

ecoFarm® is accredited with organic certification from EU, JAS (Japan) and USDA since 2009. Every year ecoFarm® passes Ecocert annual audited on behalf of international certification bodies-USDA (USA), EU (Europe) and JAS (Japan). It obtains the renewals without any non-compliance. It is a hard act to follow because the auditing process is very stringent and demanding. The certifying auditors test our soil, water, crops and inspect our farming records periodically. Chinese CIQ control analyses our produce almost monthly to ensure food safety since we are an accredited farm and an approved facility to export to Hong Kong. These are all very costly credentials to have but are necessary to authenticate our credibility for our education programs and to the public at large.

Since we own our water source and running springs straight from the mountain, we take great care of not polluting our water source because the villagers including our rented farm house or living quarters are located downstream from the farm; we use the water coming out of the farm streams for our daily living. We farm in harmony with the natural environment. Our methods of cultivation mimic the principals of Mother Nature. Norm of current organic practices can still be polluting to the environment while ecoFarmTM practices natural farming that minimizes input into the soil and environment; truly operating under the requirements of IFOAM or the United Nation Charter of cultivation without polluting the environment and in harmony with the surroundings and the wildlife.