After confirming the 76+ hectares of fields, valleys, hills, mountains that for decades there had been no human activities on the stretch of mountain range 3.5 kilo deep and 1.5 kilometer wide on average and with in-depth verification via soil and water analyses that there had not been any contamination on the soil and the water while all the flora, fauna and wildlife were intact, Ada and I settled onto this land in pursue of our dream. It was a daunting task to acquire these beautiful mountains, hills, valleys, fields and water rights. With the help of local Chinese lawyers from the city we consummated contracts and land leases with all the old village folks and the town government. We promised, on contracts to these folks that we would preserve the environment, keep the mountain spring and all water sources clean so they, being downstream would not suffer because of our activities; we got the dream land in 2006.

Over the years we built a road from town to the back side of our mountain top farm, linking the few remote villages for our workers convenience and also as a token of appreciation to the village folks and the communities. Seeing there were kids that got hurt or drown on the way to school in town (2 hours one way), we started putting in a part of our income from teaching overseas postdoctoral students and contracted research fees to refurbish and to help building and furbishing elementary schools so none of the “left behind” children (whose parents left to work in coastal cities) would have to travel or walk for more than 20 minutes to school. We provide loans to the needy and cash donations to the disabled. We organize donations of clothing, food, dictionaries, books for schools’ libraries, education equipment such as projectors, computers and other material from Hong Kong to give to the villages.

In 2010, by numerous requests, we started supplying organic vegetables to Hong Kong customers who were having serious health issues. Overtime, with our wide variety of specialty produce and premium quality, we have established a solid customers’ base by words of mouth. Currently we are selling direct from farm to homes, to prestigious three stars Michelin restaurants and hotels whose chefs are fervently passionate about safe, wholesome and healthy food, to the patients referred by functional medicine doctors. We do contract farming for various clients including specialties produce to support various famous chefs from Hong Kong to China. We provide agro-environmental consulting services and develop “Good Agricultural Practice” for international conglomerates. The name “ecoFarm®” is spreading fast because everybody especially young families need credible safe and clean produce for their children.