By employing Ada’s extensive know how coupled with our past experience utilizing the micro-climate settings in these mountain range, we grow only non-genetic modified original varieties from all over the world to satisfy the seasonal nutritional needs of these customers. We cultivate our crops on top of a mountain range using our own mountain springs water source per the Mother Nature scheme. We want to ensure our slow grow produce is safe, wholesome and contains all Nature’s intended nutrients. We raise our own organic seeds. We have total control of our slow grow produce from seeds to harvest and delivery to customers.

To maximize marketable yields we cover our produce with nets to prevent the use of pesticides. We use companion crops to minimize weeds and eliminate the needs to use herbicides. We raise bees for pollination to avoid growth regulator hormones. We enlist beneficial insects, birds and animals to safeguard our crops. We oxygenate our irrigation mountain spring water via gravity plus natural topographical designs so the plants’ roots system and the micro-organisms in the soil can thrive healthily. We do not use any chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, growth regulators, chemical fertilizers and preservatives.

In addition to do no harm to the environment, we preserve the natural habitats for all living organisms, insects, birds and animals right down to the lichens that is very sensitive to any pollution. We work in harmony with nature’s ecology. We do no detriment to all the multi-color dragon flies, butterflies, wasps, bees, mantis, toads, snakes, rabbits, weasels, wild boars, mountain lions, mountain goats, Muntjac (wild deer), wild guinea pig, flocks of indigenous and migratory birds, egrets, eagles, owls, wild geese, wild ducks, wild chickens (road runners), partridges, pheasants, frogs, shrimps, crabs, clams, snails, fresh water bass, eels and catfishes. On top of tending to the welfare of the wildlife, we take extra care to supply the best produce for the wellbeing of our customers.

We are adamant about our strict food quality. We want everyone eating our produce, on top of enjoying loads of natural flavors, to really maximize the benefit of produce for good health. We utilize capital intensive state of the art equipment with innovative chilling technology to maintain our produce nice and fresh. We incur very high freight costs by using refrigerated trucks from farm to Hong Kong. To ensure quality, at the farm we pack the produce in environmentally friendly carton boxes containing bottles of ice so the produce is chilled all the way from farm to the customers.

We are very proud of what we do. We regard the supply of our produce to Hong Kong people that recognize eating wholesome, non-contaminated and nutritious vegetables are long term savings to their medical bills and healthier active lives. Just like the old saying, an apple a day, keeps the doctors away.